Register of Pledges on Movable Property and Rights

The Register of Pledges on Movable Property and Rights is kept by the Business Registers Agency, established by the Law on the Business Registers Agency (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, no. 55/04, 111/09 and 99/11 ). The Register of Pledges is a single electronic database containing data on pledges, amendments to and changes of data pertaining to the registered pledges, data on the commencement of settlement proceedings, entries on any disputes (on filing a lawsuit for the strike off of the pledge from the Register of Pledges, as well as proceedings concerning the subject matter of the pledge or the relationship of the parties in this legal transaction).

THE REGISTER OF PLEDGES is a database on pledges which are entered into the Register at the request of a party, in accordance with the Law on Registered Pledges on Movable Property. The Business Registers Agency which keeps the Register, does not guarantee that in addition to registered pledges there are no other pledges on movable property and rights, while data entered into the Register in accordance with Art. 61 of the aforesaid Law, is not evidence that the pledger has ownership rights or other rights over pledged movable property, nor that the secured outstanding claims or pledges are valid.

The Register of Pledges begun its operations on 15 August 2005.



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