Employment and Earnings


The Labor Force Survey is the survey that collects data on basic features of the labor force, on basis of which the estimation of the overall labor force in our country is being carried out. The main objective of this survey is to obtain information on the three main, mutually exclusive, contingents of population: employees, unemployed and inactive persons. This survey pays particular attention to the working age population (aged 15 - 64 years), and obtained data are used for monitoring, measuring and estimating the economic and social trends in the Republic of Serbia


Data on the number of employees who have signed a work contract with an employer (a formal legal employment contract) are collected by statistical surveys (for employees at legal entities) and from administrative sources (for entrepreneurs and their employees).


Data on average wages and salaries per employee are obtained from Monthly Statistical Survey on employees and their wages and salaries for employees at legal entities and from Ministry of Finance (Tax Administration) for employees working for entrepreneurs. Data referring to wages and salaries of the entrepreneurs' employees have been included in the calculation of average wages and salaries since January 2009.



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