Tourism statistics in a monthly periodicity, by reporting method, collects data on tourist turnover and accommodation facilities that provide accommodation services. Tourist turnover is defined by the number of arrivals and overnight stays in accommodation facilities and the capacity by the number of accommodation facilities and number of rooms and beds in them, with state as of 31st August. The report is compiled on the basis of guestbooks of foreign and domestic guests , who according to the laws and regulations, are maintained by business enteties, that render accommodation services to tourists. Monthly reports on arrivals and overnight stays of guests include all types of accommodation facilities (hotels, guesthouses, motels, apartments, camps ...) by which, in principle, complete coverage is provided. However, a number of tourists in private rooms, houses and apartments is not included because some guests are not registered. Statistical survey on travel agencies cover agencies that have their head office in the Republic of Serbia and have a licence for performing intermediation in Tourism. Applied methodological solutions of the Statistics of Tourism are basically in line with international (UN / WTO, Eurostat) recommendations for the Statistics of Tourism.

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